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the writings, art, and ramblings of Slwmtiondaylite

1 October 1984

Female. Texan. Identical Twin. 25. Procrastinator. Broke.
Recent College Graduate. Quiet. Too nice.
Self-proclaimed nerd and geek.
Trekker (not Trekkie). A writer (sort-of).
Digital Artist (on semi-hiatus).

Majored in Art History.
Emphasized 19th Century French Art.
Wrote Senior Thesis on the Grand-Guignol Theatre
and Sensationalism in Fin-de-siecle Paris.
No one ever seems to know what that is.
The Grand-Guignol, that is.
This makes me sad.
Minored in Classics. With an Emphasis on Latin.

Female Gamer. Plays MMOS. Likes WoW.
My main is a Draenei Shaman.
Yes, I play Alliance.
You play Horde? That's nice.
I don't care. Though I do have a lvl 80 Horde Priest.
Okay, yes, she's a Blood Elf.
That's because Tauren can't be priests. (Yet.)
Also play Guild Wars. Want to play Star Trek Online.

Gothic and Dark Art. Fantasy Art. Renaissance Art.
Impressionist Art. 19th Century Art.

Modern Art. (wha?) Celebrity Gossip.
Paparazzi photos. Actor Bashing.
Michael Moore (seriously, it's a thing).

Dream Goal
Film School.
Become a film director.

Fandoms Most Active In
Star Trek (mostly 2009, but I like them all).
House. Well, not so much now, because it sucks. David Shore,
why did you try to fix what wasn't broken in the first place??
I dabble in the Heroes fandom...mostly on my own journal.

Johnny Depp. Zachary Quinto. James Marsters.
Jennifer Morrison. Zoe Saldana. Kate Winslet.
Gillian Anderson. Tim Burton. JJ Abrams. David Boreanaz.
David Duchovny. Nathan Fillion. Darren Hayes. 
Nightwish. Emilie Autumn.

Spock/Uhura. House/Cameron. Cuddy/Wilson.
Booth/Brennan. Castle/Beckett. Spike/Buffy. Angel/Cordelia.
 Willow/Tara. Xander/Anya. Mulder/Scully. Harry/Ginny.
Ron/Hermione. Tripp/T'Pol.

Fandoms Formally Active In Or Watched From Afar
Bones. Harry Potter. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel.
Dollhouse (I'm gonna miss that show).
All of Whedonverse. The X-Files.

Love to Analyze the Hell Out of
Heroes, mostly Sylar's storyline.
Is he finally on the path of redemption? They've only
been hinting at it since season 1.
Harry Potter. Hey, I was right on that whole Horcrux thing.
Buffy, mostly Spike's storyline. Hero's Journey and Redemption FTW!

TV Shows Watched Now or In the Past
Star Trek (every single one of them). CSI. LOST. Castle. Bones.
House. The X-Files. Buffy. Angel. Dollhouse. Firefly.
FlashForward. Heroes.

All Time Favorite Films (at this time)
Star Trek (2009). Sweeney Todd (2007).
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Current Work(s) in Progress:
Mes-torik T'khiori.
Tangled Mind