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Wow, it's been awhile....apparently about five months since I last posted here.

Truthfully, I don't spend as much time here at LJ as I used to.

These days, I'm most often found over at Tumblr. I have two blogs going over there if you're interested, though they are by no means "quality," mostly consisting of reblogs. XD

Dream Within a Nightmare - mostly all that gets posted here is literature/book things, or art.

Slow Motion Daylight - I tend to post on this the most. It's contains all my "fandom" posts. Right now, it's mostly Glee. Some Star Trek, some Johnny Depp, and whatever else I feel like posting. XD

On the writing front, I've been busy working on an original YA (maybe?) novel series (the joys of still having no job..../sigh). The first novel is starting to take shape and I've figured out the premise for both the second and third novels.

As to when I plan on returning to those unfinished Spock/Uhura fics? I'm not sure. I'm so entrenched in this original story right now, that I have no idea when (or if) I'll ever get back to those fics.

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